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Honor Your Body: We eat healthy and try to avoid harmful additives in our food. Avalon Organics® feels that we
need to be just as conscious of what we put on our bodies as what we put in them. Our gentle but effective bath products
are made with organic ingredients and treat our bodies to the rich, therapeutic benefits of pure essential oils.

Restore Your Hair's Beauty. For healthy, lustrous hair you need gentle shampoos and moisturizing conditioners that will cleanse without stripping and hydrate without adding excess weight. Formulated with natural botanicals and essential oils, our gentle, safe and effective shampoos and conditioners, formulated for specific hair care needs, will give you vibrant, healthy-looking hair without harsh preservatives and hair-stripping cleansers.


Gentle But Effective Cleansing: Formulated with organic essential oils and extracts instead of harsh preservatives and hair-stripping cleansers, these gentle shampoos naturally nourish hair of all kinds. Whether you want to boost volume, enhance shine or strengthen locks, there is a pure, clean and effective shampoo for your hair care needs.


Nourish and Condition: Designed to be used in conjunction with the matching functional shampoos, our conditioners deliver vitamins and essential nutrients to your hair and scalp. Whether you want to smooth frizz, soothe an irritated scalp or deeply moisturize, our conditioners will help restore your hair's natural elasticity, making it soft, strong and silky.


Conscious Cleansing: Our bath and shower gels provide a more gentle way to cleanse the skin while awakening the senses. With bubbling lathers of botanical extracts and organic essential oils, these gentle but effective cleansers cater to the needs of your skin.


Soft, Smooth Shaving: Infused with organic plant oils and aloe, these rich cream shaves moisturize the skin and provide perfect razor glide for a smooth, close shave. Enriched with beta glucan, skin feels nourished and moisturized and never sensitive or irritated. You'll look forward to shaving.


Daily Nourishment and Hydration: Your skin is under constant assault. Weather, stress, environmental factors, diet and even lack of sleep can all leave your skin looking and feeling tired, dry, dull or troubled. Our nourishing hand and body moisturizers provide vital hydration and nourishment to comfort and return skin to healthy-looking radiance.

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